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Hands in the Soil

Working With You to Develop Innovative Strategies

and Achieve Growth.  At AIB we use research and technology to provide your company with innovative and environmentally responsible solutions to industrial problems.

Industrial Waste Reuse as a Soil Amendment and Carbon Sequestration Strategy

AIB Innovation has developed a proprietary and environmentally friendly method to reduce the pH of a high carbon ash from a biomass-fueled power plant to convert it into a beneficial material. In partnership with Thompson Rivers University, we have quantified the benefits of using this material as a soil amendment, reducing our agricultural partners chemical fertilizer requirements, increasing crop yields and sequestering carbon in the soil. Since 2016, roughly 6500 dry tonnes of this high carbon ash has been diverted from landfills and beneficially reused, sequestering 10500 tonnes of CO2e in the soil and increasing our industrial partners sustainability.


Industrial Waste Reuse as a Road Building Material

Ash compaction and crush.png

Since 2017 AIB Innovation has been working with an industrial partner in the forest products industry to beneficially reuse a low carbon ash from a biomass-fueled power plant as an onsite road building material. The ash, produced only from clean wood waste (i.e. wood chips, wood bark and wood fines), has structural properties that could be combined with other road building materials to improve the structural stability of on-site, industrial roads. This has diverted roughly 2500 dry tonnes of low carbon ash from landfills, reduced the need for raw materials to rebuild roads and increased industrial sustainability.

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