Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics Forestry software is a planning tool developed through a joint venture partnership between Second Pass Forestry Ltd. and AIB Innovation Ltd. The Joint Venture team worked with GIS researchers at Thompson Rivers University to develop proprietary software. This software was designed to simplify the complexities surrounding forest planning activities while increasing the reliability and functionality of the developed plan. Machine Learning is used to identify individual trees from UAV-based photogrammetry or existing LiDAR data sets. Then the software uses the data and a set of parameters to predict an unbiased, optimal harvest plan. The software provides significant benefits to the following areas;


  • Partial Harvest Planning

  • Interface Fuel Reduction Planning

  • Advanced Planning in Visual Areas

  • Forest Health Analysis

Forest Health Tool Development

AIB Innovation and Second Pass Forestry developed a commercial tool for rapidly and accurately assessing forest health issues within BC's forests. We are able to identify Forest Health issues at the individual tree level over large areas, and develop plans for selectively logging the area to remove the issue and protect the healthy timber stands for future harvest.

Reuse of Industrial Wastes

At AIB Innovation we are always looking for ways to divert industrial wastes away from landfills. We are currently working with a couple of industries to reuse their waste streams (as road stabilization materials, low grade fertilizers and soil amendments) in an environmentally responsible manner. 

Environmental Assessments


At AIB Innovation we work with Industries to ensure that their operations meet environmental standards through soil and water testing, permitting, DOCP preparation, waste remediation and site assessments. We will work with your company to identify an economical solution to your environmental challenges, that works for everyone.