Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics Forestry software is a planning tool developed through a joint venture partnership between Second Pass Forestry Ltd. and AIB Innovation Ltd. The Joint Venture team worked with GIS researchers at Thompson Rivers University to develop proprietary software. This software was designed to simplify the complexities surrounding forest planning activities while increasing the reliability and functionality of the developed plan. Machine Learning is used to identify individual trees from UAV-based photogrammetry or existing LiDAR data sets. Then the software uses the data and a set of parameters to predict an unbiased, optimal harvest plan. The software provides significant benefits to the following areas;


  • Partial Harvest Planning

    • Automated Crown Detection​

    • Customizable Retention Planning

    • Ungulate Winter Range

    • Crown Closure Analysis

    • Lakeshore Management Zones

    • VQO Sensitive Areas

    • Pre- and Post-Harvest Mapping

  • Interface Fuel Reduction Planning

    • Crown Closure Analysis​

    • Achieve Target Crown Spacing Targets

    • Wildfire Risk Reduction

    • Increase Suppression Effectiveness by providing;

      • Fuel Load Analysis​

      • Topography Analysis

  • Advanced Planning in Visual Areas

    • Reduce Visual Impacts​

    • Incorporate Increased Data into Planning from;

      • Existing LiDAR​

      • UAV-based Photogrammetry

  • Forest Health Analysis


The developed plan provides easily verifiable imagery that can be used as a visual map for stakeholders, a data rich planning tool (with individual tree heights and canopy sizes/spacing) for development/planning staff and/or a high-resolution map for layout crews to follow. This should lead to an increase in public engagement and confidence thereby improving your social license to operate. The process is also scalable and can be used to analyze data on a block level or larger landscape scale data sets.


To fully capture the benefits and value balance of this innovative planning software contact AIB Innovation Ltd. or Second Pass Forestry Ltd. to identify a standardized method and for a demonstration of its usefulness.