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Barley Fields

At AIB we use research and technology development to find new ways to plan, monitor, and sequester carbon in order to help industry and project developers meet their sustainability goals.

Industrial Waste Reuse/Soil Sequestration Project

Since 2016 AIB Innovation has diverted roughly 6500 dry tonnes of Industrial Waste from Bioenergy Facilities in the Wood Products Industry. In Partnership with Researchers at Thompson Rivers University and Funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), AIB developed an environmentally friendly beneficial reuse program that utilizes the high-carbon component of the waste as an agricultural fertilizer/soil amendment. This project has reduced the amount of chemical fertilizer purchased by the farmer, increased forage crop yields by 29 to 63%, prevented 6500 dry tonnes of high-carbon ash from ending up in a landfill (increasing sustainability) and sequestered roughly 10700 tonnes of CO2e in agricultural soil.

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 Forest Carbon Sequestration with the SRSS
Green Forest

AIB Innovation is working with theSecwepemcùl’ecw

Restoration and Stewardship Society (SRSS) to develop a carbon sampling and monitoring program focused on the restoration of the 191865 ha Elephant Hill Wildfire Area. The program is being developed to incorporate First Nation values, biodiversity, and carbon offset credits that can be used in both the compliance and voluntary markets.

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