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Organic Home Garden

AIB Innovation is committed to identifying and testing organic fertilizers, industrial by-products and
waste materials as alternatives to chemical fertilizers in order to reduce our dependency on chemical

fertilizers and divert materials from landfills.

Gypsum Field Trial Design and Completion

AIB worked with Lafarge Canada and DBD Inc. to setup and carry-out an agricultural field trial comparing their organic gypsum products to other chemical fertilizers. Composite soil samples, regular crop height measurements and yield data was collected to accurately compare different gypsum products and application rates to the standard fertilizer application.

PG Potash and Humic 2.png

AIB Biochar Research and Development

Wheat Field

AIB has been doing its own research and development with Biochar since 2017 because of Biochar’s carbon sequestration potential, soil health benefits, nutrient and water retention properties. We have conducted field trials and are currently undergoing greenhouse trials using biochar as a replacement to peat moss as a component in potting soil mixes to further increase sustainability.

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