Using research and development to provide innovative solutions to industrial problems. 



At AIB Innovation our goal is to provide solutions to industrial, environmental and academic  problems. We work with a diverse array of industries and are always looking for the next challenging project. 



We look for engaged, hardworking employees who can thrive in a challenging and diverse environment.



We started AIB Innovations because we identified a gap between academic research and industrial needs. We recognized that there was a lot of cross disciplinary research and expertise available that was relevant to industrial problems. However,it was either not properly communicated or going unrecognized by industry. We realized that our experience in Academic and Industrial research along with backgrounds in the Environmental, Forestry and Agricultural sectors allowed us to efficiently bridge the gap between Academia and Industry. 

We have ongoing technology development occurring in the Forestry, Agriculture and Environmental sectors and are excited by their future prospects. However we are always looking for individuals or industries with challenging problems that our expertise, connections to academia, and experience with various funding sources can be used to identify a solution, carry out the required research and incorporate it into your companies standard operating procedures. This will provide your business with a competitive edge!

AIB Innovation Ltd. was created to bridge the gap between academic research and industrial needs in order to provide innovative, and environmentally friendly solutions to industrial problems.

Our Mission Statement

Jeff has 8 years experience leading industry-based research and development with a focus on livestock tracking technology, that encompassed manufacturing techniques, polymer testing and analysis. With additional experience in field trials and environmental waste product reclamation and re-use. Jeff’s educational background in financial risk management, derivatives, capital markets and risk-based algorithms led to his successful leadership of several industry/academic collaborative projects. Through those collaborations, Jeff was able to successfully demonstrate how complex industrial problems can be solved with the help of academic expertise and research. 

Garrett has 13 years of experience in academic research. Through the completion of a PhD at Simon Fraser University in Chemistry to an NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow in Biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he has gained experience in chemical, biochemical and biological research. Work over the last couple of years with academic researchers and industrial partners on projects ranging from chemical and environmental analysis, technology development, industrial waste remediation and the use of unmanned aerial systems in agriculture, forestry and precision ranching have shaped the direction of AIB Innovation. 


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